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Labyrinthine Deep Dive

(Artwork by Swamburger) Update since posting: Labyrinthine Bundles are here! These were made for anyone looking for a fuller experience. The first 100 bundles include a free Bookmark and a Love Letter signed by Scarlet Monk.  The bundles have a Labyrinthine Candle made just for the project by a local candle maker and a Lyric Book with beautiful photography. You can add a CD or buy the album separately online, or choose to donate for the album if you'll be streaming: There are also Labyrinthine and Scarlet Monk t-shirts, crewnecks, mugs, prints and skateboards, check them out at:   All the Merch  . All purchases through IG: @asaanbrooks or Facebook: Asaan "Swamburger" Brooks. Back to the original post----------> LISTEN HERE: There's a reason why Labyrinthine is such a big deal to me. It's the dream album which I've been trying to get "just right" since I first had the idea of wanting to make a Trip Hop album about 20 yea

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