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Labyrinthine Deep Dive

(Artwork by Swamburger) LISTEN HERE: There's a reason why Labyrinthine is such a big deal to me. It's the dream album which I've been trying to get "just right" since I first had the idea of wanting to make a Trip Hop album about 20 years ago. I loved Trip Hop beats and style of singing, but I thought only a handful of songs with singers on it made sense. Too often the voice took me out of the mood, sometimes the voice seemed to just sit on top of the beat, sometimes the vibe was all wrong. So I began my journey. Eventually Trip Hop seemed to disappear from the music scene except for the same songs from the 90s being played over and over and a few new bands calling their too-polished pop beats with singing which tried too hard to sound "unique" but ended up sounding like someone was chewing something and moaning while attempting to sing "Trip Hop". You know exactly what I mean. Eventually it just became mostly Lo-Fi-

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